An Interface between Photography and Sustainability December 2016

Sustainable Development is the grand narrative of the Festival and the Panchtattvas is the micro-narrative which strings together Photography and Sustainable Development into the holistic Photosphere. The emphasis of the festival is on mapping new footprints of the photo language, experimental language, to work as a pioneer inventing new languages of photo representation ensuring that the ultimate artwork does not bear an activist slant, look, presentation or texture to it. We are a festival with a green conscience evoking the bhaav of sustainable developments across all genres of photography. Focusing on the five primordial elements, the Panchtattvas, i.e. prithvi (earth), vayu (air), jal (water), akasha (ether) and agni (fire), the Habitat Photosphere photography festival will be creating a new language of photography by commissioning photographers and filmmakers to work on the theme of sustainable development. The Indian understanding of cosmology is set against the aforementioned elements which define the working of the environment and ecology. In Indian mythology, the universe, in harmony with the five elements, is the ideal state of working. The disciplines of dance, astronomy, yoga and medicine seek the balance of these panchattavas to attain the ideal self. In bringing the nuances of Indian mythology to the hyper reality of the photography and film world, the festival puts indigenous knowledge to a global reality of images and icons. The theme of the festival is situated in crucial times, when we are constantly living in fear of environmental decay.