Ramayana: Through 15 Iconic Characters – 2023

Publisher: Perky Parrot, Niyogi Books 

The Ramayana, one of India’s great epics, continues to have a huge impact on Indian life. Originally written in almost 24,000 stanzas by Valmiki, social and public goals from this epic are manifested into our lives.

In this contemporary rendition meant for young adult readers, the author, art historian Dr Alka Pande, describes her take on 15 characters, who present the kaleidoscope of what it is to be human-from demonic, mean and negative, to suprahuman and divine. These 15 characters from the epic present a wide canvas of human behaviour and offer insights into ethical questions that affect us all.

To show glimpses into just a few – the characters of Rama, Bharata and Lakshmana provide a model of supportive brotherhood and friendship; Hanuman remains as an optimal remarkable Karma Yogi; Sita is viewed as the best illustration of womanly loyalty and constancy. With an introduction that sets the stage for the chosen personae, Ramayana Through 15 Iconic Characters offers fresh perspectives into this age-old, yet evergreen, Indian epic.