Amrita Shergil : The Immortal Girl – 2017

Discover the lives of ground-breaking Indian artists, from their childhoods, full of dreams, realised through passion, perseverance, and personality. Inspired by the life of Amrita Shergil, born in 1913 in India to Indo-Hungarian parents, this book tells the story of her journey and experiences as an artist. Her beauty, free-spiritedness, and courage won her many friends wherever she went, and her spirit is immortalised in her paintings, richly enjoyed by audiences even today.

Panchtattvas: The Road Ahead. Edited by Dr Alka Pande Niyogi Books, New Delhi – 2017

The book serves as a living document to the month-long photography exhibition Photosphere 2016. Sustainable development has its own constituency of thought in the Indian subcontinent. Since striving towards solutions was also key, five distinct and distinguished experts— Dr Ajay Mathur, Amba Jamir, Madhav Gadgil, Mike Pandey, Sunita Narain—from across the sphere of sustainable development have contributed their writing to the book.

Theatrescapes: Experience Rasas – Edited by Dr. Alka Pande – 2014

The book essays the 30 years journey of the visual archivist Shobha Deepak Singh in the theatre after post-Independence. The collection of photographs in the book is a parallel archive to the more academic readings of the theatre with a marvellous documentation of the passions, emotions and spectacle.

Shringara: The Many Faces of Indian Beauty, Rupa Publications, New Delhi – 2011

The book epitomizes how the Beauty in its quintessential sense is innate rather than created. It is to be discovered, rather than ornamented, and possessed rather than sculpted. Saundarya is this half-received and half-perceived phenomenon. The book raises pertinent questions: Do we simply venerate shringara as holy relic of the past? Or will we have the courage to establish a new language of shringara.

Leela, An Erotic Play of Verse and Art, Harper Collins, New Delhi – 2009

A collection of Indian poetry from ancient to contemporary times, Leela is complemented by some extremely refreshing and original photography, graphics and paintings. The book emerges from the celebration of sensuality and desire in the Indian cultural landscape, where eros is a part of everyday life.