Bihar Museum Biennale 2021:Connecting People, Connecting Cultures

Why a Museum Biennale in Bihar

A confluence of royalty, culture and learning, the vision for the Bihar Museum is to be a world-class showcase for the history and heritage of the lands now known as Bihar. Its mission is to celebrate this ancient past and to inculcate a sense of pride in the residents of one of India’s most significant states. Against such a rich and diverse landscape, it is a natural step forward to create yet another historical first-a museum biennale that valorises museum collections and what they present to the world. A book on the the path breaking initiative by Bihar Museum which will lead the dialogue on the museums of today, moving beyond their roles as repositories of knowledge and knowledge-creation, as they engage, spark inquiry, exploration and creativity. The Bihar Museum Biennale 2021 becomes even more emblematic as a result of the challenges of the life-altering pandemic.